Customer Journey Mapping

Rethinking and Creating a Compelling Customer User Experience

*A collaboration between Ness SES and iRiS Software Systems​​​​​

In the digital era, companies need to deliver compelling customer experiences—each and every time—to maintain consumer mindshare and grow their business.

This customer experience must provide a Connected Journey: one that is omni-channel, easy to consume, enjoyable to take part in, and highly adaptable so capabilities are continuously added that surprise and delight customers.

Offering this Connected Journey is essential to the future prosperity of the hospitality industry, and a similar imperative is playing out in other industries such as financial services, transportation, and retail.

The roadmap for any Connected Journey initiative includes:​

  • Differentiated vision – Driven by a clear value proposition and validated by a thorough understanding of the market and competitive landscape, and the personas of your users
  • User experience design and development – Based upon end-to-end journey mapping which is validated through user testing and developed with scalability and usability in mind. The very best experiences are designed to be seamless and intuitive. Designing for effortless simplicity is frequently a winning differentiator.
  • Omni-channel framework – Which ensures your offering is consistent, coherent, relevant and intelligent across channels, devices and operating systems for users at home, at work or, increasingly, on the move.
  • Scalable, resilient platform – Based on integrated technologies that speak to each other at speed with common sign-ons, observe global standards on access, privacy and security, and are exceptionally resilient.
  • Data Analytics – Which provides context-rich, timely information that smooths the customer journey and gives your company insight to anticipate future needs and increase the frequency and value of digital touchpoints.
  • Expertise to connect all the pieces – To ensure the Connected Journey operates as a seamless and personal experience from beginning to end.

Companies around the globe trust Ness Software Engineering Services to serve as their Connected Journey partner. Start your own Journey today.​

Experience Engineering

From mobile first to beautiful user-centric experiences across all touchpoints. Ness SES provides outsourced software development solutions that include complete user interface and experience design services.

D - Man writing on the board - 725x330px

The future of software engineering and product development is dependent on a symbiotic relationship between beautiful, intuitive interfaces and robust, scalable technology platforms. At Ness, our UX and mobility practice, we don’t just create digital products for our clients—we re-imagine the way modern users connect with their environment.

Our business strategy and design and software development solutions deliver consistently engaging customer experiences. We think mobile first. Interfaces must work on a small screen and complement the experience on a larger screen. The mobile channel offers a uniquely intimate relationship with the customer, with faster feedback and more opportunities to deploy, try, test, learn and improve. This mindset extends into product roadmaps that are flexible enough to respond, pivot and delight users on every platform—and spread the power of clear UX thinking throughout the enterprise.

Ness offers complete outsourced User Interface and Experience services:

  • Discovery process to validate product development strategy
  • Kick-off workshops and brainstorms
  • Market, technology and competitor research
  • Guerrilla user validation and formal, controlled user testing
  • Top level wireframes to communicate a product’s unique selling point
  • ​Working functioning prototypes on web and mobile devices
  • ​Design thinking, visual design and product execution

Taking you from discovery to deployment

Our discovery process focuses on rapid creation, iterations and delivery of ideas and designs. We validate assumptions to create viable products. We aim to quickly put tactile proofs of concept into the hands of stakeholders. Our goal is to prove the strength of the business case, avoid decision-making paralysis, and get people thinking together to make the nascent solution the best it can be.​

We passionately embrace the evolution of technology—whether it’s emerging trends like iBeacons, the Internet of Things or wearable technology—we are buying, trying and blue-sky thinking. How can this benefit Ness’s clients? When it doesn’t exist, we create it. We have a penchant for world firsts, and we’re ready to create the next one with you.


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