Custom software development for the software revolution

Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer companies are giving way to Human-to-Human brands. Ness is a leading ​custom software development company. Ness understands that for companies to grow, to differentiate, to stay relevant, it’s critical to find new ways to engage, retain and build loyalty with customers – continually delivering better services, experiences and content.

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A new value cycle with custom sof​tware development at the core

Today your software is your brand. One way or another, virtually every customer interaction happens through software, and the right software products and platforms have the power to create the ultimate value cycle.

C​​ustomer data can be harmonized with business intelligence to create actionable insights. These insights are harnessed by Ness’ engaging, easy-to-use tools which improve business processes and cycle times. This, in turn, creates better customer experiences, which ultimately feed richer data back into the system.​

When software is the brand, software engineering is everything​​

Software is now at the heart of competitive advantage. But for most companies, software is not their core business. Ness Software Engineering Services (Ness SES) focuses on helping companies build commercial-grade products and platforms that engage users and make insights actionable.

At Ness, we partner with clients across every aspect of software design, development and operations:

Grounded in a deep product-engineering mindset and guided by a unique Adaptive Agile methodology, Ness creates highly integrated, co-branded client teams that are fully aligned to business objectives. Together, we create an engineering culture that rapidly develops viable products and continuously innovates upon them, expertly managed and monitored by​ comprehensive metrics and governance programs.

Seamless multi-shore delivery and key vertical expertise

Ness is a privately held company with 3,000 employees. We collaborate and co-innovate with over 500 clients in 20 countries across North America, Europe and Asia, including Fortune 1000 and Software 500 organizations.

Ness offers a seamless multi-shore delivery model, operating Technology Innovation Centers in India, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Romania, UK, Israel and the U.S. We serve key vertical markets that include Education, Media and Publishing, Financial Services, Travel, Transportation, Entertainment, Retail, Sports, Software and High-End Technology.

To learn more about speeding innovation with Ness, contact us today.